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Tutor Classification Levels

  • We screen through every completed tutor application, invite less than half to an interview for a personal evaluation, and even do skills testing if the teacher lists advanced math or science like algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, physics, etc. During this second level of quality assurance, we rate our tutors based on education, experience, professionalism, communication skills, teacher status, math ability, energy, love for teaching, and many others. After their interview, we background check every tutor for security, then activate their profile for public viewing. Even after we approve our educators to work with our students, we take many steps to assure the tutors are consistant in providing quality services. We analyze tutor statistics for response times and renewal rates and often communicate with customers to confirm overall satisfaction with their specific educator. In addition to what we do beforehand, our website allows the customer to sort through a customized list of tutor profiles so they can choose their own local tutor who specializes in the student's specified subjects. In other words, by the time the tutor meets the student, an invaluable match is almost inevitable.

  • Level 1:
    These tutors are able to provide certain services at our lowest price. While they are usually young, inexperienced, and/or lack a college education, we believe in their potential to grow into a valuable member of our team and are willing to give them a chance to prove themselves.

  • Level 2:
    Most tutors begin at this level. These tutors have enough spark and/or knowledge to satisfy most students, however they might not have the advanced math or teacher certification that many customers require.

  • Level 3:
    Tutors at this level often have many years of college education and usually a significant amount of teaching/tutoring under their belt. This is the most popular level for students needing advanced math skills, test prep, or specialized instruction.

  • Level 4:
    Choosing a Level 4 tutor ensures the student will receive a quality educator who not only is an expert in their selected field and approach, but also has the ability to listen and communicate at exactly the right times that only years of experience can offer.

  • Level 5:
    We reserve this level for only the highest quality of educators or professionals. Only tutors who have been with us for many years or have a very advanced education ever become a Level 5 tutor. Note that these tutors are often full time professionals in their own specialized field and may have a very limited schedule to provide tutoring services in their free time. At one time or another, we have had PhD college professors, speech therapists, child psychologists, engineers, computer programmers, graphic artists, architects, business consultants, accountants, real estate agents, registered nurses, physical therapists, professional translators, and even a few lawyers. These individuals are usually utilized by students needing extra help studying for a certification test in those selected fields and not for the tutors' professional practice.

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